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Compassion for Others Improves Emotional Well Being

Researchers have proven that compassion for others provides significant emotional benefits for the giver, regardless of whether the recipient is aware of the compassionate act. The study tested the Dalai Lama’s hypothesis that one’s own affective state is enhanced by compassionate concern for others’ welfare. The researchers studied 175 newlywed couples who had been married… Read More »

‘I’m kind of scared’: Surgery for cancer patients and others cancelled as hospitals brace for possible COVID-19 wave

Janice Ense never actually got to talk to her doctor, or anyone else for that matter. While she was out on Monday, an assistant left Ense a voicemail message announcing that the unfolding COVID-19 crisis had forced the postponement of her kidney cancer surgery. The operation was supposed to take place next Thursday at Toronto’s… Read More »

How depression can affect others

Also regular contributor on other major online health platforms. Anxiety and depression may affect many of the victim’s normal daily activities. They may be surprised when a friend or family member approaches them and asks if they are sad or if everything is okay. They may find it difficult to concentrate on important tasks at… Read More »

The VA and others pioneer eHealth Exchange health information network infrastructure

The eHealth Exchange, the largest nationwide health information network connecting the public and private sectors, has announced the go-live of its new gateway technology that is designed to simplify connectivity for its participants via a single connection to the nation. The benefits to members, the exchange said, will include reduced information-sharing expense, further expansion of… Read More »