Friendship Day 2019: Here Are Smart Ways to Not Get Friend-Zoned by the Love of Your Life

By | July 30, 2019
Friendship Day 2019: Here Are Smart Ways to Not Get Friend-Zoned by the Love of Your Life

How not to get friend-zoned (Photo Credits: YouTube)

It is just a few days left for the first Sunday of August that is celebrated as friendship day all over the world. In 2019 the day will fall on August 3. The day cherishes the existence of friends in our lives and we take the opportunity to thank our friends for making our lives better. Many people also make new friends on this day by exchanging friendship bands(Kuch Kuch Hota Hai flashback). However, the most dreaded ‘F’ word for most people, especially on friendship day is “FRIENDZONE,” am I right or am I right? For those who don’t know, friendzone is a state where you want to be in a relationship with someone but they end up being friends with you, aka friend-zoning you! Nobody likes to get friend-zoned by the ones they love and it is a struggle to act sane in the zone. Allow us to help! International Friendship Day 2019 Date: History, Significance and Celebrations Associated With World Friendship Day.

Ways Not to Get Friend-Zoned This Friendship Day:

Do not be a creep: One of the key reasons that people end up getting friend-zoned is that they end up acting creepy once they fall in love with someone. A relationship that starts with friendship may turn into love but you may sour what the two of you have by acting like a creep.

Do not hang for too long: If you know that the person you are interested in may not be interested in a relationship, or have already received hints that you are nothing more than a friend for them, do not spoil whatever you two have together by asking them out and then having them say it to you that they just like you as friends.

Communication: Talk to them and try to know their opinions about having a relationship or the kind of person they want. This will give you a better perspective about where you stand.

Look for other people: When there is interest from the other end as well, you’ll know it and if they’ve told you they don’t love you, look for people who probably will.

Don’t ignore hints: It is very crucial to not ignore hints no matter how small they are. If they are not in love with you or interested in getting into a relationship with you, their hints will let you know.

Well, whatever may be the case, the bottom line is that you must not end up forcing the person you love to love you back. If they want to be just friends with you, respect their choice and step back.

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